Friction stir welding machine(FSW)

Rotary friction welding machine (RFW)
Friction stir welding machine(FSW)

ZhongHe Machinery Technology mainly produces two series of friction welding equipment, rotary friction welding machine and friction stir welding machine. "Joinforces" under Zhonghe Machinery Technology is the banner brand of high-end friction welding equipment in China

Friction stir welding machine(FSW)

The scope of application of friction stir welding:


1) The weld seam has good airtightness and high reliability, and can be applied to aircraft fuselage or rocket components;

2) Due to the low welding temperature, thermal deformation is not easy to occur, and at the same time, it has special surface characteristics and a high level of material properties; (such as tensile strength)

3) Typical materials: 2000 series and 7000 series high-strength aluminum alloys;


1) For high-speed welding of large parts such as side walls, floors, and roofs of high-speed trains; (double-sided aluminum alloy profiles)

2) Fully automatic, economical and effective welding, no need for constant temperature and humidity workshops, no smoke and no pollution;

3) Typical material: 6000 series aluminum alloy;

Car manufacturer

1) Cost-effective joining of complex 3D welds, which can be applied to cooling systems, body and drive system components, and components of electric vehicles, such as electric vehicle trays, motor water-cooled housings, automotive hubs, etc.;

2) Typical materials: 4000/5000/6000 series aluminum alloys and material combinations that are difficult to weld, such as aluminum plates, continuous casting profiles and castings;

electronic power

1) complex 3D curved welds, e.g. on power electronics cooling systems or mobile phone casings;

2) Castings with aluminum plates or profiles;

3) Highly conductive connection of transformer and battery;

4) Joining different combinations of materials – usually aluminum, copper and magnesium alloys.

The friction stir welding equipment produced by Zhonghe Machinery Technology Dalian Co., Ltd. includes: desktop friction stir welding machine, gantry structure friction stir welding machine, heavy robot friction stir welding machine.

"Joinforces" brand equipment can provide customers with customized solutions to solve customers' high-end operation requirements


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