Rotary friction welding machine (RFW)

Rotary friction welding machine (RFW)
Friction stir welding machine(FSW)

ZhongHe Machinery Technology mainly produces two series of friction welding equipment, rotary friction welding machine and friction stir welding machine. "Joinforces" under Zhonghe Machinery Technology is the banner brand of high-end friction welding equipment in China.

Rotary friction welding machine (RFW)

The product line of Zhonghe Machinery Technology covers 1-500 tons of friction welding machines; including continuous drive friction welding and inertial friction welding; "Joinforces" under Zhonghe Machinery Technology is the banner brand of high-end friction welding equipment in China.

The application fields of friction welding are divided into several categories:

1 Drill pipe friction welding machine: including oil drill pipe, water well, mine, non-excavation, etc.

2 Friction welding machines for construction machinery: including rollers, oil cylinders for engineering, cylinder barrels, etc.

3 Auto parts phase friction welding machine: including thrust rod, axle; automobile half shaft; transmission shaft, motor hollow shaft, automobile pipe beam; turbine, etc.

4 Bimetal (different metal types) friction welding machine: steel-aluminum joints; copper-aluminum; stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy, etc.

5 Friction welding machine in construction industry: rebar and steel bar anchoring, etc.

ZhongHe Machinery Technology's "Joinforces" brand friction welding machines are the best in China in terms of welding process; production process; precision, dynamics, process control and productivity.

Friction welding machines with single or double spindles on a platform: machines are available in standard or specific configurations and with various additional options, systems for removing internal and external bulges, workpiece measurement or workpiece marking.


What is more popular with customers is the "Joinforces" brand friction welding machine under ZhongHe Machinery Technology, which can customize various automatic loading and unloading systems for customers, and can also design and configure other related operating functions such as manipulators, etc., to make friction welding work more efficient.

In addition to the basic functions of the friction welding machine, more extended options can be provided, including single/double head drive, phase angle control, automatic flanging removal device, fully automatic robot loading/unloading solution and more personalized Function customization.


ZhongHe Machinery Technology's "Joinforces" rotary friction welding machine is suitable for all common friction welding applications, even in the face of very complex components and demanding material combinations, it can also provide corresponding rotary friction welding machines and processes, such as The very difficult welding of steel and aluminum joints, that is, bimetal welding, Zhonghe "Joinforces" friction welding machines make this high-tech welding a reality. We can individually design according to the customer's workpiece requirements; a complete set of solutions for the host and loading and unloading!