ZhongHe Machinery Technology mainly produces two series of friction welding equipment, rotary friction welding machine and friction stir welding machine. "Joinforces" under Zhonghe Machinery Technology is the banner brand of high-end friction welding equipment in China.

Friction welding parts OEM service

   OEM friction welding service, parts processing service by using friction welding technology process.
   Relying on its own R&D and production capacity and excellent accumulation of friction welding technology, Zhonghe Machinery Technology can provide customers with satisfactory OEM services. 

   Zhonghe Machinery Workshop has 6 friction welding machines to undertake OEM services; 1 set of all-electric phase friction welding machine, 1 set of 3/12/30/63/100 tons of equipment; available for pre-welding feasibility study, product proofing, welding Post-mechanical performance testing and post-weld heat treatment services.                        

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